Our Products

We basically offer the following products to you

Covering floors and walls

                    National and foreign wool carpets, poliamida or mixed, tuhting or wilton, short hair or curl with a big selection of qualities, prices and above all, we advice of the most apropiate products to the transit to be covered. All frame retarded.

                    PVC floor or natural linoleum, coconut fibre or sisal.

                    All types of rugs for every installation.

                    Wall covering, flame retard fabrics.

                    Industrials floor covering, anti-sliding, gymnasium, saunas, artificial grass, etc.


                    Standard fabrication furniture, for rooms,common areas, bars and restaurants in wood, rattan or iron. Coming from Spain, Indonesia, Philippines, Italy, etc.

                    Carry out in our carpenter's shop, collaborator in Spain and with services of request assembilng. Rooms, receptions, bars counters, Kioskos, chairs and tebles of all types.Resin furnitures, teka o aluminium for exteriors with the advantage of making the samall mattress and/o cushions.Furnitures for conferences rooms o meeting as well as offices.


                    We do have standart materials for ilumination in ceramic, colours metal o coating in gold and chromium in hight resistant hotel keeper, with special cable and practicals system of assenbling and cleaning.

                    We have the capacity to offer ilumination Design Given allways adjusting to your needs

                    We have the posibility to offer great ilumination for halls o importans areas, in italian cristal strass o even any design.

Bedspread, Curtains, Frames and Decorative Elements

                    In general, we distribute the most importants Spanish firms of fabrics for curtains, and bedspread of all wided and composition as well as any caracteric of flame retarded.

                    We distribute fabrics, decorations articles, frames, ceramic, bath curtains, table cloth, waste basket, hair dryer, and all the articles u accessories neccesary to complete your installation.


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